Prosperty Solutions at SmithNovak’s NPL Global Summit

Transforming Real Estate with Technology & Data

Prosperty Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming NPL Global 2023 summit, set to take place on September 27-28 in London. This prestigious event will feature our CEO, Antonis Markopoulos, as a distinguished panelist in Block 3A – Technology: Data & Analytics, scheduled for 12:00 pm on September 27, with a duration of 60 minutes.

Leadership in Innovation

Antonis Markopoulos, CEO & co-founder of Prosperty Solutions, will join other influential figures in the industry, including Bernd Schmid, CEO & Managing Director of wideStreet, and David Zaragoza, Director of IT at Subastas Procuradores, in discussing the latest market developments and the transformative role of technology and data analytics.

Hosted by SmithNovak, the NPL Global summit has emerged as a pivotal annual gathering for professionals in the non-performing loans sector. This international event brings together experts from across the globe, offering a unique platform for networking and the exploration of opportunities and challenges within the market.

Who we are: Prosperty Solutions

Prosperty Solutions stands at the forefront of PropTech innovation in Europe, reshaping the real estate industry through a blend of technology, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making. Our mission is to simplify, streamline, and optimize the conventional processes of collateral and real estate management, as well as commercialization, catering to both institutional investors and retail clients.

At the heart of our transformative services lies the Prosperty Operating System (OS), an advanced end-to-end SaaS platform meticulously designed for institutional real estate portfolio management and commercialization.

Prosperty OS, a cutting-edge cloud-based white-label enterprise platform, redefines how Institutional Investors and Servicers oversee their real estate portfolios. By simplifying complex tasks, facilitating collaborative workflows among stakeholders, embedding data, and providing a secure, centralized repository for asset data, Prosperty OS empowers investors and operators to enhance their capabilities and make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

This comprehensive platform boasts an array of integrated modules with embedded data layers. It spans collateral management, asset management, property management, customer relationship management (CRM), and a white-label commercialization marketplace, all supported by advanced data analytics and visualization tools. With Prosperty OS, users can seamlessly orchestrate tasks, processes, and stakeholders across the value chain, from collateral to REO, spanning acquisition, commercialization, and exit.

Prosperty OS equips Investors and Servicers with a suite of potent analytical tools that leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to manage portfolios with enhanced efficiency and transparency, even at scale and speed. Real-time performance insights, predictive analytics, and SLA/KPI monitoring enable proactive issue identification, while a unified reporting system offers a comprehensive overview of asset performance, facilitating informed decisions, value maximization, and risk mitigation.

At Prosperty Solutions, we are thrilled to showcase our pioneering solutions and expertise at the NPL Global 2023 summit. Our participation reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of PropTech, revolutionizing real estate management, and delivering unparalleled value to our clients in a dynamic and evolving industry. Join us at this exciting event in London to explore the future of real estate management and discover how Prosperty Solutions is driving innovation forward.