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A comprehensive ecosystem of digital real estate services

Our approach

Why Prosperty TechAgent

We are a leading PropTech company in Southeastern Europe revolutionizing the real estate market by simplifying, streamlining, and optimizing the traditional real estate experience. The real estate industry has been slow to adopt technological changes, creating a host of challenges for buyers, sellers, and tenants alike. From a lack of data and transparency to outdated processes and inefficient communication methods, the current real estate landscape can be slow, costly, and frustrating for the parties involved.

Prosperty offers a comprehensive ecosystem of digital real estate services that cover the entire property journey, from onboarding to closing and beyond. Our platform is designed to provide scale, speed, and control to all participants involved in the real estate process, including buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and investors, and provides a seamless, end-to-end digital real estate experience that combines advanced technology with exceptional service and support, empowering clients to make informed decisions, and achieve their real estate goals with ease.

Our solution

A digital real estate ecosystem

Prosperty provides an ecosystem of digital real estate services across the property journey with scale, speed & control

Why choose us

What we offer


A marketplace rich in listings, providing comprehensive and verified property and market details, professional images, and videos, as well as 3D virtual tours to help clients make informed decisions

Marketing solutions

Providing innovative marketing solutions that leverage multiple digital and traditional channels, promoting properties effectively and generating interest from potential buyers and tenants, locally and internationally

Lead management tools

Designed to help agents and brokers efficiently manage their leads and quickly respond to inquiries

Agent tools

Built to simplify the agent's work and increase their productivity. They can access property details, update listings, and manage leads and tasks, all in one place

Digital mortgage solutions

Allow clients to easily apply for mortgages online and get approved quickly

Legal and technical support

A team that is always available to help clients with any legal or technical issues they may encounter during the process

e-Closing tools

Enable clients to complete the entire closing process digitally, from signing documents to transferring funds, guaranteeing a fast and seamless process


Lack accurate and reliable data

High market volatility leading to uncertainty for buyers and sellers

Insufficient transparency and limited visibility into the real estate process for all stakeholders

Lack of professional support

Cumbersome and complex procedures that are time-consuming and inefficient

Why Choose us

Our Benefits

For Buyers

A seamless experience from start to finish

Providing a complete real estate experience, from browsing our portfolio of verified properties to closing the deal. Our experienced team of professionals ensures that buyers have a stress-free experience

Verified properties and comprehensive data analysis

All properties listed on our platform are verified, ensuring that buyers get accurate information. We also provide detailed data analysis of the area to help buyers make informed decisions

Legal support and paperwork are handled with care

Our team of certified lawyers, engineers, and notaries ensure that all legal aspects are taken care of, and we handle all the necessary paperwork for the buyer

Quick mortgage pre-approval and disbursal process

Providing mortgage pre-approval within three working days, and our team helps buyers with the disbursal process

For Sellers

Realistic property valuation

Using data analysis to provide sellers with property valuations, helping them select the right asking price for their property

Attractive presentation of properties

Using 3D virtual tours, professional interior photos, floor plans, architectural designs, and inspection reports to present properties in the most appealing way

Holistic marketing approach

Promoting all properties on our platform using an integrated and targeted marketing plan, which includes advertising on international and domestic portals, powerful marketing campaigns, and collaborations with popular international sites

Realistic property valuation

Using data analysis to provide sellers with property valuations, helping them select the right asking price for their property

Access to certified buyers

Attracting mature and reliable buyers through our Proptech profile and mortgage pre-approval services

For Tenants

Verified properties

Verifing all properties listed on our platform, ensuring that tenants have access to high-quality properties

Flexible viewing options

Tenants can choose between in-person or virtual viewings, making it easy to view properties regardless of location

Online offers and simplified signing process

Tenants can make online offers directly to the owner, and we have simplified the signing process using e-signatures

For Landlords

Pre-screened tenants and guaranteed rent

Pre-screen all potential tenants, ensuring that landlords never lose a month's rent, even if their property is left unoccupied for a while

Insurance coverage

Offering complete insurance programs in collaboration with Anytime, ranging from building and content insurance to loss of rents insurance

Technology and Data are in our DNA

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